In addition to the study of the history and philosophy of Arabic science as representing the universal symbiosis between natural science and true religion, Diwan Al Dawla's practical endeavour involves the political mission of advocating for this universal heritage by promoting political reforms that achieve socioeconomic justice.

In Australia, for example, where Diwan Al Dawla was first established, structural religious disadvantage is especially manifest in the use by the NSW state government and its federal Australian counterpart of religious symbols that bear crusader crosses (see Diwan Al Dawla's statement, pp 2-3). This use connects to negative social and religious implications upon individuals and families who deny such symbols within the narratives of their everyday lives and religious practices. In fact, this stark use of religious symbols with its associated mindset has introduced imbedded psychological and racial biases that play out with issues of religious discrimination and common socioeconomic disadvantage as experienced by individuals and families who live especially in migrant dominated areas such as Western Sydney.

The upholding of religious crosses and such symbols over what is supposed to be secular, such as public institutions and public flags, has further resulted in an ensuing religious hypocrisy on the level of incorporated associations. Hypocritical religious associations often centered in areas such as Sydney's Western suburbs, have organised their religious practice under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act becoming thus incorporated under a legal system that upholds the religious symbols of the Crusaders. It is this socialist religious hypocrisy that has ultimately resulted in psychological and spiritual problems amongst youth who have continued to struggle with a deep seated identity crisis that has ensued from such hypocrisy.

More generally, whether in Australia or in Lebanon, where Diwan Al Dawla has relocated some of its religious activities, the guild's sociopolitical mission includes combatting socialist hypocrisy by running active campaigns to make people aware about its social and cultural perils.

Diwan Al Dawla's public way is one of civilisational building and hope. It is grounded in an autonomous universal narrative, which entails that its religious governance be free from any interference including that from state-based institutions. This independence in religion is giving promise to a generation of disadvantaged young men and women in the face of increasing socialist oppressive powers.

Diwan Al Dawla as an unincorporated free guild presents a sociopolitical alternative to hypocritical socialist associations. The guild carries a solution to an ongoing political crisis that only an entity of its like can tackle.

Diwan Al Dawla has developed a sociopolitical model that works in accordance with the following strategy to empower vulnerable individuals by serving as an inspiring and active force to overcome the socioeconomic marginalisation that is inbred in a socialist political system and its conditions of structural disadvantage.

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